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I love everything fashion and everything fitness, and I even let them collide sometimes, okay… all the time!  I was a ballerina, cheerleader, figure competitor and now I just consider myself a fitness addict!  I am gonna be honest, I probably have more activewear than any other type of clothing, and would choose some leggings over a pair of jeans any day.  My husband may have a point when  he says I have a problem (AA – Activewear Anonymous) when I come home with more activewear on a sometimes daily basis, but if it keeps me excited and motivated to go to the gym, it can be all that bad, right?  I am gonna assume you agreed, because if you didn’t, let’s just say, if we were in grade school we wouldn’t have got along on the playground!

I love activewear so much that I am using my passion for it to create a Fitness Accessory Line, that I hope to evolve into a Activewear Line as well!


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