but first, coffee.


but first… coffee.

I am no coffee addict, but I like myself a good coffee every once in a while.  Not gonna lie, I like the coffee that tastes less like actual coffee; add some caramel and some vanilla, that’s my kind of coffee.

Today I am writing about coffee in honor of National Coffee Day!

So here are some benefits of drinking coffee:

Coffee can make you feel happier.

A study done by the National Institute of Health found that those who drink four or more cups of coffee were about 10 percent less likely to be depressed than those who had never touched the java. And apparently it’s not because of the “caffeine high” — Coke can also give you a caffeine high, but it’s linked to depression. Study author, Honglei Chen, MD, PhD, told prevention.com that the proposed reason coffee makes you feel good is because of those trusty antioxidants. – Huffington Post.

Coffee can make you a better athlete.

The New York Times reports, “Scientists and many athletes have known for years, of course, that a cup of coffee before a workout jolts athletic performance, especially in endurance sports like distance running and cycling.” Caffeine increases the number of fatty acids in the bloodstream, which allows athletes’ muscles to absorb and burn those fats for fuel, therefore saving the body’s small reserves of carbohydrates for later on in the exercise. – Huffington Post

Drinking coffee could help keep your brain healthier for longer.

Researchers from the University of South Florida and the University of Miami found that people older than 65 who had higher blood levels of caffeine developed Alzheimer’s disease two to four years later than others with lower caffeine. Dr. Chuanhai Cao, a neuroscientist at the USF, and co-author of the study, said, “We are not saying that moderate coffee consumption will completely protect people from Alzheimer’s disease. However, we firmly believe that moderate coffee consumption can appreciably reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s or delay its onset.” – Huffington Post

This one really speaks to me because my grandma died of Alzheimer’s, and watching that disease take over her was heartbreaking.  She got it when I was fairly young, so most of the memories of my grandma consist of visiting her in a home, but her not knowing who I was or communicating with us at all.  I think the worst part was watching my Grandpa care for her and love her for years, when some days she didn’t even know who he was, and didn’t say a word; one can only wonder what was going through her head.  I can only hope they one day find a cure. 

Coffee may make you more intelligent.

You usually drink coffee when you are sleep-deprived, right? Well, that much-needed jolt not only keeps you awake, it makes you sharper. CNN reports that coffee allows your brain to work in a much more efficient and smarter way. TIME reporter, Michael Lemonick, says, “When you’re sleep-deprived and you take caffeine, pretty much anything you measure will improve: reaction time, vigilance, attention, logical reasoning — most of the complex functions you associate with intelligence.” – Huffington Post

Obviously, I think getting sleep is very important, but for those nights when you just didn’t get enough… grab a coffee.

A n t i o x i d a n t s.

Coffee is super-concentrated with antioxidants and is especially high in one group of antioxidant compounds called flavonoids. The flavonoids have garnered considerable scientific interest because of their beneficial effects on human health. In various journal studies they have been reported to possess antioxidant, antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-platelet, anti-inflammatory, and antitumor activities.

Coffee’s antioxidant compounds include caffeic acid, caffeine, the chlorogenic acids, eugenol, gamma-tocopherol, isoeugenol, p-coumaric acid, scopoletin and tannic acid. In fact, coffee is the primary source of beneficial, protective antioxidants in the American diet. Most Americans do not eat enough antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, but they do drink coffee. The bottom line? Coffee protects your body. This is a good thing. –  http://www.medicinehunter.com

Well, there you have it!  Go out and get yourself some warm goodness today!

H A P P Y  N A T I O N A L  C O F F E E  D A Y !!!!!



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