More Protein, More Lean Muscle.


More Protein, More Lean Muscle.

First off.. I hope everyone got out and enjoyed the weekend!  Here in Utah everyone gets so excited when it gets warmer; I just feel happier when the sun is shining on my face and the windows are down in the car!  Utah would be paradise, at least for me, if you completely eliminated the winter season :)!

As summer is approaching, you will see all the “get fit for summer” diets, etc come out of the works.  I am a Diet Nazi; what’s the point of some 21 day fix, just to put you right where you started when you aren’t eating some super low calorie diet, or wasting your day with some outrageous amount of time on the treadmill anymore?  Pointless!  Make changes to your every day life and make it a lifestyle to keep you healthier and fit all life long!

I am not a licensed nutritionist, but most of the people I have helped train and workout with, don’t realize how much protein they need.  Adding more protein is critical if you are trying to build lean muscle and lose fat.

Here is a great article that explains why protein is so important:

Here are some great items to add to your “diet”, and by “diet”, I mean: what you are eating everyday.


Low Fat Cottage Cheese – I love to add fruit to my cottage cheese!


Beef Jerky is always my go to on road trips!

boiled eggs


If you love real lime juice, cut your boiled eggs in half, and drizzle lime juice on top of them… love this!


Trying adding some grapes to your greek yogurt!  I absolutely love the sweet/tart combo!


I probably eat a bag of the 24 pack of string cheese of week.

The light string cheese has more protein than the normal string cheese, who wouldn’t want the light anyways?


Just thought I would give you a glimps at my amazing weekend!  Happy almost Spring!

Thanks for stopping by!



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2 thoughts on “More Protein, More Lean Muscle.

  1. Hi,
    I desperately want to order the wifey tee and sweatshirt but am unsure of sizing. I like the boyfriend fit shown in all the pics. I normally wear a small in most brands and sometimes a medium. Help!!


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