Sleeveless Boyfriend and Sneaks!

Sleeveless Boyfriend and Sneaks!
As the Winter months roll in, I get excited for leggings, hoodies, boots, etc.  The only good things that come from winter here in SLC are the Holidays with family, and the change in fashion!  I do not like the snow or the cold, but love the new wardrobe that comes along with them, even my fitness wardrobe.  I get a reason to go out and by gym pants, rathar than capris, and long sleeve tops rather than tanks!  Any reason to buy new workout stuff, yes please!
In these pics I am wearing sneaker heels, snakeskin leggings, a simple white tank, a boyriend sleeveless hoodie,and a blue/purple fringe purse with some accessories.  I’ll admit I was not in love with the sneaker heels when they first where the rage, but they have grown on me.  I found this mens sleeveless hoodie and fell in love with the length.  Sometimes there are things that I buy for my husband that I wish I could by for myself, but they don’t have it in womens and the mens small is just too big.
  I love simple clothes with accesories that pop lately!
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Outfit DETS:
Rue21: Sneakers, purse, boyfriend jacket.
Nordstrom Rack: Leggings.
ETSY SHOP: Cheetah/Spike Bag

From Fit to Fab!

From FIT to FAB… oh what a coat, some boots, and an accessory or two, can do!
I like to make my workout clothes functional, which is a nice way of saying, I WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME!  Okay, I’ll confess… I got ready twice this past weekend.  By “ready” I mean I wore something other than workout clothes, ha ha! I actually wore jeans, blah, it has been so long since I’ve worn jeans, I forget how much a truly dislike them, so uncomfortable.  I am so glad that legging season is upon us!
Enjoy my FIT to FAB front porch photo-shoot sess. pics below!
Photo Credit: Jedd – my Loverman!

 Outfit DET’s
Pink and Navy workout top – GAP ($7ish – on sale last week)
Workout Capris – Forever 21 ($20ish – awhile ago)
Workout Zipup – Ross (can’t remember price, it was ages ago)
Black Coat – Rue21 ($44 – last week)
Boots – Rue21 (can’t remember price, long time ago)
Purse – H&M ($15 – last week)

Boots, Jacket… Boom!

Let’s be honest ladies, getting ready takes so much time.  I get ready…the REAL ready (hair, outfit, makeup, etc) so rarely.   Luckily, the top knot hair style is in! Getting ready has been such a rare occurrence lately, between designing new gloves, work, and the gym, the last thing I wanna do is spend an hour in front of the mirror, blah!
I just want to share how you can use your fitness attire, as your weekend attire.  I always hit the gym, and on the weekends, I usually where my workout clothes everywhere. To be honest, I probably have more workout clothes, than I do regular clothes.  I would rather purchase workout clothes, over any other type of clothing.  I just feel cuter in my workout clothes.  Enjoy the photos below!
Throw on some boots and a jacket, BOOM, outfit made!
Also, some lip gloss and mascara go a long way.
 Outfit DETs:
Boots – Forever 21 -1/2 off, booyah!
Purse – Forever 21 -$5 forever ago.
Both Pants – Forever 21 – about $20.
Heather Gray Jacket – H&M – $35ish.
Gold Shoes – Charlotte Russe – $10 – on sale awhile ago.
I love forever21’s workout line.  Some might say it is cheap, but it works for me.
Check back soon for some new workout gloves I am designing!

Sunday Fun day!

Sunday Fun day walk!  We love our Sunday free time.  Away from all the worry and hurry.  Things have been so busy lately with my husbands business and me getting things going with Sparkle and Sweat, that we forget about what truly matters.  The things we often forget about are the ones (and creatures) we love so much!  Don’t forget to put things into perspective, love and cherish the things that truly matter.  Tank, this lovely child of ours, often drives me bonkers with his nonstop slobber, snorts and toots.  But, life would just be too easy without him!
Wish you could see his little wiggle bum when he gets excited!
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